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St. Jerome School admits students of any race, color, nationality, religion, and origin.


Children must attain the age of five for kindergarten by August 30th. We use the following priority when accepting new students:
- Parishioners
- Children with siblings in the school at the present time
- Non- Parishioners

Please call 216-486-3587 for a personal tour of our school.


Why St. Jerome?

St. Jerome Catholic School provides a quality education to students of all faiths through the development of spirit, mind, and body.  We value the diversity of our students and provide a firm spiritual, academic, and social foundation upon which they can build their future.


Information is available upon request. Financial aid is available for families in need. St. Jerome School accepts the Cleveland Scholarship and Tutoring Program (Voucher) as well as EdChoice Scholarships.



CSTP/Ed Choice applications are available in the school office or at the links below.


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