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Our School


Mission Statement

The mission of St. Jerome School is to empower each child's unique intellectual, moral, social, and physical development through a safe and nurturing environment.  Through a cooperative partnership with families and the community, our school provides a quality education emphasizing faith formation, academic excellence, and service based on Catholic values.

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Principal’s Welcome

Mrs. Susan Coan has been at St. Jerome School for over four decades.  Her career at St. Jerome began teaching first grade.  Mrs. Coan has been the principal of her beloved St. Jerome the last fourteen years. She attended St. Christines school in Euclid, Villa- Angela High School, John Carroll University and Cleveland State.


Mrs. Coan has been married to her high school sweetheart for forty-three years.  They raised four sons, Michael, Christopher, Timothy and Daniel. All four boys attended Catholic grade school and high school; one of her proudest accomplishments.  All of the boys are married, and now Mrs. Coan has eight wonderful grandchildren, one grandson and seven beautiful granddaughters.


Mrs. Coan feels so very Blessed to be the leader of the only Catholic School in the Collinwood community.  Each and every day the sound of her students brightens her day and brings a smile to her face and she knows in her heart that she is doing God's work. 


Currently, Mrs. Coan is helping the school celebrate 100 years of existence by planning activities for the alumni and our present school children all year.


God is good!

Welcome, Fr. Simone!

Fr. Anthony Simone was born in Buffalo, NY and raised in Hudson, OH. He is one of three brothers, from a traditional Italian family.


He worked at Sherwin Williams for twelve years in sales and customer service, throughout his college career and seminary studies. He graduated from the University of Akron, majoring in Human Resources.


Fr. Anthony was ordained into the priesthood May 19, 2017. He began his ministry at St. Sebastian Church in Akron on June 13, 2017, on the Feast of St Anthony of Padua.  In June 2021, he was transferred to St. Charles Borromeo Church in Parma. After a short and blessed year, God moved him to the parishes of
St. Jerome and St. Aloysius on June 15, 2022.  We and he have been blessed!


 As Fr. Anthony says, his favorite things are “Food, Jesus and
Kids.” Jesus is first and all. After which, are Our Blessed Mother Mary, little St. Therese and each one of you.

Our History

St. Jerome School was built by Monsignor Leo Hammer at a cost of $100,000 within three years after the founding of the parish. The doors of the school opened on September 1st, 1922 with two hundred and fifty pupils. At that time, there were eleven classrooms which could accommodate up to five hundred students.

The Ursuline Sisters of Villa Angela were called upon to staff St. Jerome School. Later a convent was built on the parish grounds to house the Sisters. In 1937 a four classroom wing was added to the southeast side of the school. At that time, there were fifteen classrooms available for use.

The number of students attending St. Jerome's increased during the 1940's to six hundred and fifty. The era of the 1950's and 1960's saw a great number of students attending the school. Gradually, as the number of parishioners began to decline during the past thirty years, the number of students began to decline too. During the 1970's non parishioners were invited to attend St. Jerome's. Presently there are over two hundred students attending the School.

Around 1980 a kindergarten was added. Originally there were half day classes in the morning and again in the afternoon. In 1994 this was changed to full day classes.

Within the past thirty years, several additions were made to our classroom facilities including a new library, a computer lab, and a science lab. 

During the 100 years of existence of St. Jerome's School, over five thousand seven hundred students have graduated from the eighth grade. At the present time over twenty students have been ordained to the priesthood, fifty graduates have become Religious Order Sisters, and three graduates have become Religious Order Brothers. The handing on of the Catholic Faith to the next generation has been an integral Part of the Philosophy of St. Jerome School from the beginning.

Presently, St. Jerome School has a staff consisting of a lay Principal, ten full time teachers, two full time teacher aides, three part time teachers, a librarian, and one Basic Skills Teacher.  It has an operating budget of over one million dollars.


The school is alive and well, and leading education in the 21st Century.​

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